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Sensual massages and tantra in Switzerland

Massage123 shows you the world of tantra and sensual massages. Relaxing, soothing and erotic. Here you will find addresses and direct contacts to providers that offer such services as well as information about the various massage techniques.
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Erotic massages and Tantra

With the majority of offers one is in the passive, i.e. receiving role. Just lie down and enjoy the sensual massage. Beautiful and sexy! Nowadays tantric massages are available for women and men. In Massage123 this is indicated by the coloured M and F symbols. Many providers also offer massages for couples. To experience an erotic massage alone or together is something special and you can should approach this with a positive attitude. On our country portals for Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic or Spain countless masseurs and their various services are listed.

Popular treatments

Nuru massage, performed with extremely slippery oil from the Nori algae. Tantra Massage, a special ritual with spiritual influences. Erotic massage, where the satisfaction of lust is the focus. Thai Massage to relax the body according to Asian art. Couples Massage to pamper yourself together. Body To Body, for those who like more skin contact during massage.

On Massage123 you will also find a growing number of trained sexual bodyworkers, who offer appropriate support together with sexual therapy, counseling and massages. People who have difficulty in dealing with their own sexuality are brought closer to their own body.


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